Acx Book Listing Agreement

Audible uses geographic filtering technology or another customer comparison system to limit the distribution of audiobooks to the area („geographic filtering system“). They acknowledge that such a geographic filtering system will not be able to completely prevent the delivery of the audiobook outside the territory and agree that Audible assumes that the audiobook was delivered to the territory as long as Audible used the geographic filtering system in conjunction with such distribution. Obviously, we just scratched the surface of reflections in the publication of audiobooks! If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me on my shop page to set up a 30 or 60 minute personal consultation. Among other things, in this agreement, you grant us distribution rights on each audio recording of the book that will be completed by ACX (an „audiobook“) in the area or territory you indicate (the „territory“) and the language you specify (the „language“) when developing the title profile of your book on ACX (the „title profile“). Our distribution rights on the audiobook are either exclusive or non-exclusive, as shown below and as stated by you in the title profile, or when creating a production offer page („production offer page“) to a producer on ACX („producer“) to create an audiobook. You guarantee and guarantee that you have the legal right to make the book available as an audiobook for production and distribution, either because you: From time to time, Audible`s publishers will make changes to your audiobook to ensure that it will be properly presented on retail sites. This often happens when a title contains information in parentheses. In this case, you have no choice but to give the author the audio files in accordance with your agreement with him. The agreement can provide for, for example. B, whether you supply the finished product processed, mate, ready for retail. File retention is certainly a breach of contract. I also believe that attempts to renegotiate the terms of the agreement at this stage could be contrary to the spirit of the agreement and threaten your long-term reputation. You can receive dozens of auditions.

You can`t get one. It depends not only on the ability of your title profile to interest potential producers in the book, but also on what you offer to pay for the production of audiobooks. (Many producers, for example.B. will like to earn $275 per hour over, while others have higher – or sometimes lower – minimum rates.