Agreement For Plot Purchase

3) It is necessary to verify your consent to the consultation 7. The sale is inside of…………. months from the date of this agreement if the purchase price is to be paid by the buyer to the seller. Sellers carry out or execute a proper transport certificate for the benefit of the buyer or his nominees or nominees. 1. Sellers will sell and the buyer will sell the land with land no……………, located in…………………………………………………………………… and adméasuring on……… sq. mts. especially in the calendar described above. The purchase price is calculated with a price of Rs.

400 per sq m. the actual area of land and the actual area of the country are determined by a joint soil measure by representatives of both parties. 1. If you have complied with the terms of payment of the contract, the seller cannot terminate the contract or change the price clause mentioned in the above agreement, 1) as soon as you have entered into a sales contract, you are bound by the terms of Contract 1. Refer to the sales contract to find out if there are such conditions for asking for more price or cancellation of delay. 11. Sellers will give the buyer free possession of the property at the time of registration of the deed of transport. 2. According to the agreement, you are ahead of the balance of Rs.10.66 Lakhs within 6 months of payment of the serious amount of Rs.1 Lakhs. 1.

According to its logic, you have not complied with the terms of the sales contract for which the contract is terminated. On this basis it can sell its assets, 2. It can do so if the agreement in question with them is cancelled for non-compliance with its terms, and while the buyer is the owner who is interested in buying the land for the construction of the apartments and the sellers have agreed to sell the land in question to the buyer on the conditions mentioned below: if you speak to the seller tomorrow. Neither party can depart from the express clauses contained in the agreement. The seller cannot arbitrarily increase the price if this is not mentioned in the agreement. 4) It appears that the duration of the contract is only 6 months A. Both parties are required to comply with all the conditions mentioned in the sales contract and, if the seller mentions a clause to increase the amount of the sale money if the buyer does not receive the registration within the allotted time, only the seller can ask for more consideration. 3.

Sellers become a marketable property on the land mentioned free of any charge, fees and claims to the satisfaction of the buyer lawyer. Sellers, at their own expense, will seek all outstanding discounts and correct defects in ownership, charges and rights to or from the property. 10. Registration fees for stamp duty and all other expenses in the pocket are paid and paid by the buyer. Each party pays for and bears the costs of its lawyer or lawyer. 2) It cannot require more bilateral, unless it is expressly mentioned in the agreement, and even if it asks for more, you are not obliged to follow it. 4. The sellers are inside……………… Days of this agreement to provide ownership decisions of the property to the buyer`s lawyers on their responsible receipt for the investigation of the property`s property. 3. If there is no clause in the agreement that authorizes the seller to unilaterally increase the price in the event of a delay in the transfer of the balance by you or to terminate the contract, he cannot act otherwise. B.

Provide legal information to the seller to execute the sales return by re-covering the balance.