Epic Agreement Definition

The purpose of this contract is to define the terms of use of the SDK and associated services. By accepting this agreement, you can access the services listed in the service addendum for the standard services below. You can access additional services by accepting the corresponding service addendum, which may contain service-specific conditions. This agreement, together with all addendum services and all documents incorporated by reference, constitutes a single agreement/This definition of the market and the chain of argument associated with it are subject to serious doubts, both legal and de facto. Copyright holder. For the purposes of this definition, control with that entity has been „transmitted.“ For the purposes of this definition, you agree to the terms of collection and use of data collection and use in Epic`s privacy guidelines by downloading or using the software, as they may be updated from time to time. The privacy statement is available at the www.epicgames.com/privacynotice. 6.3.2. You acknowledge and consent that you have no rights to the trademarks, service marks, trade names or logos of Epic or its associated companies (the „epic brands“).

If you would like to use epic Trademarks, please go dev.epicgames.com/branding. 3.1. For the duration of this Agreement, Epic grants you, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, an unlicensed, terminated, non-exclusive, free license to: a) use epic documents internally to evaluate Services in relation to your video games; (b) Use epic materials to integrate services into your video game applications, including integrating distributable code into your video games; and (c) distribute the Distributable Code, which is included in the object code format only as an inseparable part of your video games, to end users subject to an end-user licensing agreement that expressly denies any guarantee, warranty, conditions and commitments related to epic materials. terms of a separate licensing agreement that you may have executed at 7.1.2. For the purposes of standard contractual terms, Epic is the data exporter and you are the importer of data. For the purposes of Schedule B of the standard contractual clauses: (1) the parties concerned are users; 2. The purpose of the transfer is the purpose of the authorized purposes; (3) Data categories are epic account data listed in Section 1 of this addendum; (4) Recipients to whom Epic account data may be transmitted include the data importer, its authorized service providers, and authorized users with whom the user requests a connection as part of the data importer`s video game; (5) The data importer will delete immediately after the expiration or early termination of the Addendum s. or Epic Games Developer Services Agreement, or as soon as it is an exporter of data, all personal data transmitted in accordance with the standard contractual clauses; (6) the point of contact for data protection requests to the data exporter is privacy@epicgames.com; and (7) the point of contact for data protection requests to the data importer is indicated in the data importer`s publicly available privacy statement.