Learning Agreement Uni Mannheim

For recognition of master`s courses, please contact Mr Sebastian Herdtweck in econgrad (at)uni-mannheim.de. If you have any questions about the IS and OPM BI 401 modules, please refer your request to Mr Samuel Broscheit to the pruefung (at)wim.uni-mannheim.de committee. You can contact the advisory service via studienberatung (at)wim.uni-mannheim.de. Please send this information to Ms. Cathrin Rieger at Dean BWL, accessible at learning_agreements (at)bwl.uni-mannheim.de Contact Person for the Recognition of Bachelor courses in the VWL field is Mrs. Christiane Cischinsky, reachable by christiane.cischinsky (at)uni-mannheim.de. Once you have concluded the internal learning agreements with the Mannheim Chairs, Juliane Roth signs the Erasmus Learning Agreement with the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Informatics and Economic Mathematics in the Column „Departmental Exchange Coordinator Mannheim, Sending Institution“. Please attach the internal learning agreements signed to the Erasmus Learning Agreement as a scan or take them to consultation. Each course must be subject to a separate internal learning agreement and be signed by the relevant chair. Recognition of the benefit is made for students in political science, sociology and psychology at the ZPA office, where you apply for recognition abroad. You download your testimonial on the Mobility Online portal. Many partner universities also allow you to take courses outside of your courses.

This can be especially useful if, for example, you need to take courses in the field of aid or methods and statistics, but these are not offered in your area of expertise. The type of course (course, seminar, exercise) and the type of exam (written/oral exam, presentation, domestic work) should not be consistent with those in Mannheim. A course abroad should, as far as possible, correspond to a course or module in Mannheim (see module catalogue). Recognition of courses abroad for courses in Mannheim results from the adjustment of course descriptions with the modular catalogue of your discipline. Please consult your valid module catalogue before offering recognition courses. Skills-based recognition is achieved. For the search for possible host universities, you can draw on the course offerings of the last semesters and the experience reports of your predecessors until the current catalogue of courses is available. Where possible, studies abroad should not have the effect of extending the duration of studies. Therefore, when selecting the partner university, you must make sure that you find enough courses in your subject so that these can also be taken into account in your Studies in Mannheim. In this area, you can choose six races from the specialization modules offered by our chairs on a wide array of topics. As the school wants to encourage students to focus on their main interests, you are given the freedom to choose your races accordingly. For technical issues, such as course choice and recognition, you advise your interlocutors in the faculties.

Due to the suspension of attendance operation and personal consultations, you can take your courses by email and you must keep the corresponding email traffic. In addition, we advise you to complete the table in advance and obtain digital signatures as part of your email agreements. Your interlocutor for economic computing and MMDS: As a general rule, the host school contacts you by email and sends you information about the choice of course after the successful application.