Mckamey Manor Waiver And Non Disclosure Agreement

In signing the waiver statement, clients agree not to blame McKamey Manor for injuries or difficulties. To be selected as a participant, you must first go through an extreme screening process that includes a physical examination, background examination, a phone screen, a drug test, creating a safe word, posting a two-hour video and signing a 40-page waiver. An earlier version of McKamey Manor`s delusional, legally questionable renunciation (which used the word „defamation“ for „responsible“) was disclosed online. Go to the next page to see it. The attraction`s website reads: „You will have very tiring environments physically and mentally“ and you will have to sign a 40-part renunciation before entering the haunted. The mansion is said to be occupied by a cast of „comedians,“ according to Nashville Scene, who carry out McKamey`s orders to deal with daring clients who begin torture by splattering them with fake blood. In recent days, screen searches of the mansion`s waiver and confidentiality agreement have been broadcast via Twitter, revealing the terrible reality of what is at stake for guests. Elsewhere, the agreement warns that the tour may include tasers, shock dog collars and asphyxiation, and says visitors accept that they may even have wrapped plastic bags around their faces. Spook House owner Russ McKamey, who claims to work as a DJ and wedding singer on weekends, is holding a full tour for a 10-hour endurance challenge. And that`s after reading a 40-page renunciation in which you unsubscribe on teeth, puzzle or head shave, present proof of physical success and endure a background review, by website.

A haunted house is so twisted and fearsome visitors are forced to sign a 40-sided renunciation that accepts the use of tasers, drowning and the possibility of death. At check-in, you have to i.D. The waiver process for „DESCENT“ lasts 2 hours. One Performance only per week (per year). Specific requirements must be met to never take the tour. Well, the famous McKamey Mansion, which obviously does not have its online waiver statements, had leaked part of their renunciation from a Twitter user who was „interested“ in going to the mansion. Melanie Kevin Contrera actor at Monster Mountain Haunted Attraction: „You sign a renunciation that allows a certain amount of physical damage… It`s pretty clear! How are you going to turn around and say they were too much? I can believe that she was so scared of her head that her brain was playing tricks on her (which is also her job) and thought she was going to die.