Motorcycle Test Ride Agreement

In the last six years, I have bought and sold about thirteen or fourteen motorcycles. I restored motorcycles during my studies to pay for my university courses, so buying and selling these vehicles is no stranger to me. One thing you should always do is take a picture of your driver`s license before you leave for a trip. Be sure to take a good look at their license before taking an image to make sure the license belongs to them. This can offer a way of motivating the buyer to be especially careful with your bike, because they know you have their information. When I started turning around, I was absolutely against people chasing the bikes I was selling. I was often frustrated because it would take a long time to sell the bikes, and if I did, I didn`t get as much as I hoped. I have entered any situation that one can imagine by selling motorcycles. From desperate to chipping straight up, you`ll probably run into some interesting people themselves.

The contract in its entirety is that Rider places the required total purchase price of .- with the Seller, while Rider makes the test trip on the bike concerned. Seller: I allow you to ride my motorcycle (video bike), provided I have a deposit of . This deposit will be refunded when the bike is returned, detailed your return conditions. If the bike is damaged in one way or another during the test trip, the buyer agrees to buy the bike at the price. Do you agree with these conditions? Not sure I formulated the question correctly, but if I let someone ride the bike that I sell and they gave me the money, I`m entitled to keep the money and say that the bike is their problem since it crashed? Do you want me and the buyer to sign something before doing a test or something that says it`s not my responsibility if the bike is injured and I can keep the money for it? In the event of damage to the driver on the motorcycle during the test trip, the seller may, depending on his choice, require that the current sale be made at full price and all others; Commitments are deemed to be fully fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with following the driver during his test trip. Motorcycles are a little harder to accompany a potential buyer on a ride, so just follow them in your car to make sure they don`t do anything funny or stupid on your bike. If it gives you a better idea of the situation, ask for the agreed price than money in hand as they take the bike for a ride. Or you can at least ask for a down payment before you withdraw it. This will provide warranties against the buyer if they damage your bike.

Be aware that some potential buyers may be careful because they do not know how honest you are as a seller. A proposal or two – since almost everyone has the ability to make video in your pocket, record the discussion and chord. There are many questions you might have if you sell your motorcycle.