Non Disclosure Agreement Signification En Francais

A confidentiality agreement[1] or a confidentiality agreement[1] (called „NDA“ is a contract between two entities that require one of these entities to keep certain information confidential that the other must disclose. The agreement may also be „reciprocal,“ i.e. the two companies agree not to disclose certain information exchanged. In business, there is a lot of sensitive information and data. However, trade secrecy is only partially protected by law. In practice, therefore, the solution is the confidentiality agreement, other than the confidentiality agreement, the confidentiality and confidentiality agreement or the NDA (in English non-disclosure agreement). Summary NDA Meaning NDA NDA-Translation NDA-synonym NDA NDA meaning NDA comes from the English non-disclosure agreement and means in French an undying agreement. It`s about… NDA comes from the English non-disclosure agreement and means in French a confidentiality agreement. It is a contract between two or more entities, in which the various contractors undertake to treat in a strictly confidential manner certain important information exchanged and/or disclosed as part of a joint project. This contract can therefore be one-sided or reciprocal. The confidentiality agreement thus protects information that is not protected by nature, such as. B patents or copyrights.

Therefore, the protection of secret data can be contractually regulated by the NDA. For the company, it may be strategic or sensitive data, which may be legal, commercial, accounting or other, but must be transmitted during negotiations. The NDA thus guarantees public non-opening and thus replaces the insertion of a confidentiality clause in a B2B contract. – NB. It should be noted that individuals and corporations (companies) may be affected and that an NDA can be signed between individuals. In negotiations, it is important to ensure certain clauses that may complement the confidentiality obligation but do not have the same effects. Their interest will then depend on the content of the relevant business relationships. It is therefore important to take special care to ensure that we do not sign an agreement until we understand what is at stake in these additional clauses.

In the event of a breach of the duty of confidentiality, the court before it may pay damages. These will help to repair the breach of contract. However, the assessment of the amount of compensation is a matter of its own discretion, unless otherwise. If the wording is too broad, the indeterminate nature of the scope of the agreement may be criticized by the judge in the event of a conflict and its application may be rejected. However, it is tempting to protect yourself as much as possible by expanding the list of protected data. However, there is also a risk of blockage in practice.