Ontario Lease Co-Signer Agreement

Good evening! I commented at the top a few weeks ago and I had another question! Thank you for your reply! I found the rules for landlords, tenants, residents and rents on the website of the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario. My friend finally found a copy of the lease he had signed for his apartment. I have doubts about the legitimacy and control they have over whether or not I can live there as a resident. The SJTO guidelines state that residents can live in the dwelling as long as they have the permission of the tenant who lives there to live with them. That residents do not have to sign a contract with someone or necessarily get permission from the landlord, only the permission of the tenant. Our problem was that we were told that his grandfather was the guarantor. But when we found his lease, his grandfather was considered a tenant, a resident and a guarantor. The lease has nothing to do with the responsible responsibility of the guarantors or co-signers. They literally wrote only hand written „guarantor“ under the signature of his grandfather. His grandfather was never a tenant or resident of the unit, or the rent paid for the unit, so I am confused, as they can list it that way on the lease.

One way or another, but my friend is also considered tenant and resident, so I guess I can still move in both ways with his permission? The way they both signed the lease is debatable. My friend`s signature is on 3 of the 4 lines of witnesses and chord, and his grandfather signed the last line and they wrote „guarantor“ underneath. The landlord tried to get me to sign the lease as a tenant and b) to say that I had to have the grandfather`s permission to live there. Even though, as an inmate, I don`t have a contract and I`m not responsible for rent, damages, complaints, etc., so he wouldn`t be liable to me anyway. Micheal, I was wondering if a contract to guarantee the expiry. The tenants were removed from my property in May 2015 against non-payment by a tenant council decision of the landlord. At the time, we did not legally recover by the co-signer because they entered into an oral agreement to make monthly payments on the balance.