Scottish Tenancy Agreement Online

Other conditions, called „additional conditions,“ are terms you may have in your lease. They cover a number of rules, and you should read them to check that they apply to your property. If your landlord does not use the typical rental agreement, he must give you the legal terms of the residential rental agreement: letters of support, with your rental agreement that explains the 9 basic conditions that your landlord must include in the rental agreement. If you want to add more details to your rental agreement, you can select the Word document download, save it to your computer and add it later. Before or at the beginning of your lease, your landlord must give you: what a contract says and what the lease actually is may be different. For example, your landlord may say that the contract is not a lease, but an „occupancy license.“ You and your tenant can conclude this agreement by signing: if you are thinking of a discord or if you are trying to get a verbal agreement with your tenant or landlord, you can get help from your nearest citizen`s advisory office. Check what type of private lease you have. Check what type of lease is tolerated. No one needs to testify to the signing of this agreement. Your rental agreement should be written in an easy-to-understand language and not contain abusive terms. As a landlord, you must communicate in writing to your tenant all the conditions of their private rental. If you don`t, you`ll be breaking the law. If your rent started after December 1, 2017 and you rent from a private landlord, your landlord must give you a package of „easy to read notes“ or „support notes“ explaining your rights and obligations at the same time as your rental agreement.

More information about the information you should receive on the Scottish Government website. If you share an apartment or house, you have one of the following types of rentals: There are six initiations/forms that are stipulated in the legislation and which must be used for specific purposes if a tenant has a private lease. These include an exit notice and a communication on rent increases. If you feel that your rental agreement may contain abusive conditions, you can contact your nearest citizen`s advisory office. The rental agreement can give you and your landlord more than your legal rights, but no less than your legal rights.