Sesar Framework Partnership Agreement

Specific e-mail address ( intended to be used as the sole recipient of formal communication between the SDM and the implementation part in accordance with Article 9 of the MIE Regulation, only proposals submitted by one of the following types of applicants are eligible: – one or more Member States; – with the agreement of the Member States concerned, international organisations, joint ventures or companies or public or private bodies established in the Member States. Proposals may be submitted by entities that do not have legal personality under applicable national law, provided that their representatives are able to assume legal obligations on their behalf and guarantee the protection of the Union`s financial interests equivalent to those of legal persons. Proposals submitted by individuals are not eligible. Multi-party projects are possible and are welcomed by INEA as part of the VPA`s Long-Term Cooperation Mechanism, which defines the levels of management and implementation of SESAR`s operational management (three-team governance relations) and defines the principles of coordination between them. The eligibility period for proposals submitted under the 2016 MIE appeal covers the period of February 2017 (date of submission of proposals) – December 2020, as indicated in the standard returns to operational stakeholders following the indications of interest. The text of the 2016 MIE appeal, published on 13 October, is available at the following address: Sdm has also set an alternative deadline for the first round of DLS implementation projects scheduled for 17 November, see the website of DG MOVE: The operational program is part of the Partnership Framework Agreement and contains a comprehensive and structured work plan for all activities. The MDS acts as an intermediary under an EU regulation. States and their stakeholders are already bound or „constrained“ by the regulation. The SDM is intended to help stakeholders implement what they are already entitled to implement (EU Implementation Regulation 716/2014 of the Commission).