The Four Agreements Book Canada

I`ve passed this book twice. The essence of this book is that you are in a whole series of social agreements to which you have not really subscribed. You were enlisted without your consent in most things about your life, as you learned from others as a child. The book teaches you some important lessons, how not to feel guilty if you don`t respect the chords you haven`t really approved. Family members who need your time and emotional energy disagree, so you should not feel negative emotions when you withdraw from this social contract. The book is divided into 4 chords: 1. Be immaculate with your word This agreement states that your word is like magic, it has the power to shape the life of a human being. Did a parent call you fat, ugly, slow, stupid, lazy? Have you treated someone thick, ugly, slow, stupid or lazy? If you use your word for negative things like that or like gossip, it`s like black magic. The biggest lesson here is that using your word to say something nasty or hurting to someone often gets hurt because you make an enemy.

The author also reminds us to be blameless with our word when we speak to ourselves. Love yourself with your word. 2. Don`t take anything personally We don`t all work in the same worlds with the same chords. Usually, when someone says something negative, they don`t even recognize it because they`ve been fascinated all their lives. If someone thinks they are deliberately sending verbal poison on the way, if you don`t take it personally, you think about the poison. Finally, personal taking means that your ego is not failing. 3. Don`t make assumptions Always better to ask questions than to make assumptions! Their minds can easily interpret small things that have been said and dream of great scenarios that are far from reality assuming both good and bad.

Assumptions in relationships can lead to an emotional poison. Tell me what you mean, ask questions. Don`t think you can change someone, love people as they are, and not try to change someone. Relationships suffer from these assumptions. 4. Always do your best your best is not always the same, depends on your energy, etc. Your best can change over time – but no matter what the quality of „your best“ as long as you do your best. If you try to do more than your best, you`ll burn. If you do less than your best, you are more likely to break all the other rules! Don`t expect to be rewarded for your efforts, which will lead you to do more or less your best, depending on the reward. Just do your best without expectations and you will live a fulfilling and sensible life.

All chords in one sentence: Don`t assume you`re flawless with your word, just do your best and don`t take it personally if you fail. This book was absolutely outstanding. I hear it many times and I always get something different and inspiring. The images and the way he writes are like the others. I have PTSD, no epileptic seizures and I`m in a wheelchair. Life has only been like this for me for the last two years. I was an enthusiastic reader before the injury, but I can`t concentrate long enough to get through a chapter. Audible gave me the opportunity to reclaim my love for books 📚. #Audible1. Don Miguel gave me the opportunity to take life, to see things from another point of view, to accept and to be really happy with the hope for the here and now.

I would recommend this book to everyone, regardless of their situation. It`s certainly a life-changing book. I am still young and I was told it was a good book to read. There is no „history line“ that is a new expirience for me. Nothing wrong with saying about this book — but if I could, I could go on forever how good this book is.