Us Turkey Syria Agreement

Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican, said the deal was „far from a victory“ and called on the government to explain what will happen to the Kurds, what the future role of the United States will be in the region and why Turkey „will not have obvious consequences.“ The deal, announced by Vice President Pence after hours of negotiations, appeared to give the Turkish head of state the majority of what he was looking for when his army launched an attack on northeastern Syria more than a week ago: the expulsion of Syrian Kurdish militias from the border and the lifting of a U.S. threat to impose sanctions on Turkey`s vulnerable economy. „The agreement abandons Turkey to kill innocent civilians and Kurdish troops who fought alongside American soldiers against IS,“ Hassan said in a statement. „Moreover, it is doing nothing to recapture the hundreds of IS soldiers who have already escaped from Kurdish prisons.“ On 22 October, Turkey also agreed with Russia to allow the terrorist group YPG/PKK to withdraw from the security zone. „What President Trump has agreed today is a capitulation to Turkey at the expense of our Kurdish allies,“ Senator Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, said in a statement: „The agreement leaves Turkey at the penalty of killing innocent civilians.“ With the recent agreement, the United States has recognized for the first time the reasons for the operation by Turkey. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), a co-supporter of the bipartisan legislation introduced by Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R.C.) and Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), called the agreement „a capitulation to Turkey at the expense of our Kurdish allies.“ „We will do everything in our power for the success of the ceasefire agreement,“ he told Kurdish television. The other big question mark in all of this is Daesh, which El-Gamal told me was another big risk that is not resolved by this ceasefire. The SDF kept some 12,000 IS detainees and about 70,000 IS women and children displaced in the Al-Hol camp.

The agreement between the United States and Turkey stipulates that they will „coordinate“ detention centers. Turkey`s role in NATO was recognized twice in the agreement and the focus is on maintaining unity among allies using the phrase „One for all and all for one“. On Wednesday, Turkey`s foreign minister said there were violations of the agreement between Turkey and the United States on northern Syria and that he had communicated it to his American counterpart. She stressed that Pence and Cavusoglu were also at odds with at least one commitment under the new agreement, with the US vice president saying the deal contained an agreement for Turkey to „not take military action against the Kobane Community,“ the strategic border town on which Turkish troops have advanced in recent days. Kurdish fighters would be forced to abandon their heavy weapons and their positions would be destroyed, Cavusoglu said. He refused to call the agreement a „ceasefire“ and said the ceasefires could only be concluded by legitimate parties and not by a Kurdish militia that considers Turkey a terrorist group. Pence said Turkey has agreed to a 120-hour (five-day) ceasefire in which fighters from the YPG, the main Syrian Kurdish fighting force in the region, which has been helping the United States fight Daesh for several years, would withdraw from a 20-mile „safe zone“ near the border with Turkey. The agreement also requires the YPG to surrender their heavy weapons and dismantle their fortifications.