Web Hosting Service Level Agreement

The priority of a service-related incident or any requirement that is not defined in the table above is subject to the agreement of the service provider and the customer. If network availability for the entire month is below the guaranteed level, the company will refund you according to the schedule below if network availability for the entire month is below the guaranteed level. This will show how the hosting company handles all the exit reports that come to them (which is usually the first service base). This section also mentions the maximum wait time for a customer, which a customer must wait for before a customer responds. It also covers what the customer can expect if their call remains unanswered or if the message is not read. Typically, in such cases, support staff send an email to the reporting client. b) surveillance. To verify that the server is available, the company uses the HTTP service on the server by collecting HTTP headers every 5 minutes with a 30-second threshold. If an HTTP service does not respond, the server is considered non-operational and automatically restarted. If the problem is not fixed by restarting the server, it will be immediately degenerated into a support center. 4.

Configuration and application changes All changes to the server must be made exclusively by WNW Digital. All changes, including application configuration and installation, are processed by WNW Digital`s configuration management system. Any changes made by the customer will likely be crushed by WNW Digital`s configuration management system. Requests to change the system must be filed above „3. Non-critical issues, change requests or requests for assistance“ or „4. Critical issues, change requests or requests for assistance.“ The addition of websites, users and other general hosting tasks is provided as part of the managed secure server service fee. This agreement outlines the standard level of service that all website hosting customers can expect from Design Inc. It tries to quantify the levels of service that all hosting customers can expect and the corrective actions we offer if we do not offer service at these levels. 1. Server Material We will be the owner of the server. The server is installed and operated by us in space. You have no physical access to the server or space.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to the data stored on the server. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee that the server is free of errors. Nor can we guarantee that it will operate continuously or without failure. We will do everything in our power to provide you with services at all times, but we will not be responsible for service interruptions or server downtime and we will not be responsible for the non-receiving or misbehaviour of emails or other email errors. If we become aware of a server error, we repair the server or provide an equivalent server as quickly as possible. Each replacement server is provided in the default configuration because the server was initially provided. We do not guarantee that the data, content or settings on the original server will be transferred to the replacement.