Which Of The Following Agreements Include Software Assurance As Mandatory

3. Other than the backup tool run on Microsoft Azure Services, a Windows Server license for the disaster recovery server is not required if the following conditions are met: The number of eligible phone port incidents varies by customer depending on the SA spending and payment option. Sa-spend incidents are collected on the basis of server and desktop editions SA under a Select or Enterprise qualifying record, Select Plus registration, Open Value Agreement or open license number. Microsoft assigns an incident of at least $20,000 for each edition of Server SA or CAL SA. Microsoft assigns an incident of at least US$200,000 for each system pool or application pool. The table below shows the approximate monetary equivalents of SA expenditure-based premiums for agreements based on currencies other than the USD. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, this picture may change. There are three different levels of engagement that customers can choose from when purchasing SA, which may vary depending on the program. The customer can: If Microsoft provides product corrections, changes or extensions or their derivatives, either published in general (for example.B. Product Service Packs) or to solve a particular problem for the customer (set together), these are granted to the same fixed conditions as the product for which it applies. If corrections are not provided for a particular product, all terms of use provided by Microsoft with the patches apply. The enterprise policy program offers contain the following items that are provided for each year by the Client Enterprise Agreement: The client can return his software under license from a third party`s shared servers to his servers or shared servers from another third party, but not in the short term (not within 90 days of the last assignment).

The client can also move instances that are run or OSEs managed under a given license from shared third-party servers in a server farm to shared servers in another server farm, but not in the short term (not within 90 days of the last allocation).